From this page you can order some of the custom digital art work I provide. ALL ARTWORK IS FREE!!


Order your own personalised starship dedication plaque. Choose a ship name, ship class, registry number, launch date, construction yard and crew member names. You can choose any background colour, and Starfleet delta, including TNG, DS9/VOY, Alternate “All Good Things…” or Original Series movie’s version. Pixel size of your choice.

This is a great for adding your entire family to, I have created many of these in the past and they always looks great hung on the wall of your home office or living room.


Personalise a Federation door tag as seen on the doors of crew and officer quarters, turbo lift doors etc. Choose a number (up to four digits) for the left hand elbow, and up to three lines of text, usually your name, rank and a random line of text. Background colour of choice and pixel size of your choice.


Cargo container labels, again fully customisable, these were found on anything from barrels, cargo containers, weopans lockers, bulkheads and much more. All text is editable, so choose a title, a number, description of item label is for, and starfleet badge (MOV, TNG, DS9/VOY). Numbers remain random or choose your own (they dont mean anything) background colour and Pixel size of your choice.


How about your own iconic Star Trek Keep Calm poster. Size is only limited by icon picture supplied by you, choose your own text, backgrond colour and font colour.


Become a real fan of startrekblog by ordering your own branded mouse mat!

Fill in the form below to enquire.


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