16 comments on “New Star Trek Series Rumours Abound

  1. Hard to imagine either show being successful. I like the idea of USS Pierce though. My job is health emergency management. I love the idea of the Thunderbirds (International Rescue) combining with Star Trek.

  2. While new Star Trek is always an exciting possibility, I personally hope they don’t make Star Trek: Pierce, as it seems somewhat similar to fiction project I’ve been working on for years and will release as an eBook novelization of a script I and partners wrote as soon as the editing is done . We even have a space travel method that using jumping through space that sounds a bit similar (but is different from) the brief description in the article! Info on our Quantum Displacement Drive is in the second link below.
    Having said that, medical rescue and related adventures is probably better suited to the Trek universe than a police procedural. We have a lot of murder shows on TV already, and for me the ideology of Star Trek was always refreshingly different. Hope for the future, scientific research, discovery. To emphasize crime and death in a Trek series seems wrong. Still, I could probably enjoy it.

  3. I am just hoping it won’t be as that article describes, the rescue series could be interesting, but a warp jump drive doesn’t fit there. Not even in the star trek universe in my opinion.

    The CSI like serie will probably be really disappointing for many trekkies because the don’t want CSI, they want Star Trek…

  4. I would love to see Star Trek back on the small screen, but not in the formats mentioned above. I mean, really, rip-offs of NCIS and CSI would not do well, in my opinion. Star Trek needs to evolve, as do series in all genres, and I believe the best way would be to ‘mix it up’. It doesn’t have to be based around just one crew, or on one starship / station? Would it not be better to make a new series that could be set on a different planet/station/ship each week, with characters and stories that link together as the series progresses? This would be a unique and unparalleled way to change the way series are made.

    • Interesting idea, Genshin, but they couldn’t wait too long to gather a set of regular characters. Star Trek has always been about the characters, and that’s what people would want from a new version. Things like Twilight Zone worked with different characters because of the intrigue, but I don’t think people would want to wait too long to gather a regular cast. It would be fun to see the characters get together, though.

      • How do Starfleet Admirals function? Have him and his staff discover a developing situation and solve it each season…….. Now you get to jump around and have the character interplay as well. That would also allow for the Barclay’s, and OG’s to pop in and out too.

        I would like to see the “Unbordered” area developed too. We have the Cardassian-Klingon border arc pretty firmly established, what lies opposite?

  5. Police dramas. Reality TV. Episodic creep of the week.
    These are tactics to attract the common viewer.
    The simpleton consumer.

    What about creating a thing that will be remembered for 50 years?
    Something that is, unquestionably, inescapably, American.

    If I had my way, a new show would be 1000 years beyond Next Gen, beyond the temporal police sect of NX-01. Beyond all Star Trek lore. It would be a time of post-apocalyptia. Federation is destroyed. Some immense seeminlgly indomitable power spans the known galaxy. And all we have is a lone starship or two on the ragged edge, always in danger of flying apart at the seams. No mission, just the day-to-day of trying to stay alive on the edge of a space that’s forever hostile, forever totalitarian . War, famine, disease, they’re back with a vengeance. Lot of emotion in that angle. Lotta depth.

    The crew knows little of the Federation of eons past. More myth and legend than factual history. No one’s heard of Kirk, Prcard or Kahn. No one remembers proud times of plenty. Until our focal explorative vessel happens upon artifacts, preserved in the vacuum of space. Information and technology laced with noble sentiments and acts. And most notably, a fair and just constitution. Where all are created equal. Words of sentiment significant enough to unite a scattered and trodden down galaxian fellowship spanning all enslaved races. An oppressed unlikely many, unknowingly waiting to unite under a common flag.

    A Federated Flag.

    Queue the anger. Queue the adrenaline. Queue… the fade to black.

    • I like the idea of setting it at least one hundred years after the events of TNG, but your idea sounds a lot like Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda. The problem, that I see, is that people will expect the series run to end with the beginning of a new Federation, thereby taking away some of the anticipation and uncertainty. For me, that is why I was so unhappy with Star Trek Voyager, as you knew that they were going to make it home. This meant that although they would end up facing the Borg, they would survive. I think a series that culminates in the destruction of the Federation and/or Earth, leaving just a few ships and starbases behind, could be cool. Characters could be killed off as and when, so that there is not just one ship or crew that the series revolves around, but many.But those are just my thoughts.

    • I like some of your ideas there, but the Federation HAS to be in existence during the run of any series for the very reason Daryl mentions – we do not want an ending we can see a mile away. Voyager would have been so cool if the ship was destroyed at the very end – all hope of getting home obliterated. Imagine that – a sci-fi show breaking the mold.

      Thats what Star Trek does.

      Imagine the pitch to Paramount for a new series after Voyager finished, where the pre-conceived idea that main characters and settings cannot be wiped out.

      Imagine the fans lust for more exciting ideas where the main characters are all reduced to recurring characters where we could have two to three ships all fighting for the same goal, where we may lose a captain here, or a doctor there.

      Star Trek needs to go back to its roots in terms of being groundbreaking, but maybe changing the idea that humans are perfect, coming from a perfect world etc etc.

      With all that said, we MUST have a new Trek show on TV…NOW. As long as the stories and characters are good, the setting, as long as it is after Voyager’s return, doesn’t really matter.

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