3 comments on “10 Rules The New Star Trek TV Show Must Follow

  1. Name the series “Section-31”. With what is going on in the world now, you can parallel many storylines. Infiltration, spies, Drones, regime change, Snowden, and the NSA. It could be on a ship or a secret base or both. And the best part is that it would have a Star Trek ending. Something which we all desperately need. Thanks for reading.

  2. I definitely disagree on the “don’t make it perfect” point. Yeah, of course, you need some faults so the writers can stick their fingers into them, but we don’t need another dystopia. Star Trek is not supposed to be a dystopia. A dystopia would simply make it not Star Trek anymore. You can have a ship named the Enterprise, that travels across the Galaxy, and even have a Kirk in the captain’s chair – but if in that iteration the future looks bleak, it just won’t feel like Star Trek.

    The unique part of Star Trek is that unlike many of our present science fiction, it shows a more positive look on the future. It’s different. It gives us hope we work out our differences and actually achieve something. And we should preserve that part if we want that series to still feel like Star Trek, not just Alien with a Star Trek paintjob.

  3. For many years now I have thought that having a new series with M’k’n’zy of Calhoun as Captain (or something similar) would be fantastic. Overall I agree with everything this article has to say. I have been a Star Trek fan since I was 10 (TNG). I very much agree that there must be an ongoing story line of some sort, whether it be seasonal or for the entire series. I think that is why I loved DS9 so much. Don’t get me wrong TNG was a great base for modern Treklore and I would not want it to be any different.

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