8 comments on “Yorktown: A Time To Heal

  1. Fantastic seeing the Yorktown story on this blog, which I have only been a member of for a couple of months. I am one of the owners of Starbase Studios in Oklahoma City. We are excited Yorktown chose our studio to complete their project. We look forward to working with them and assisting in any way we can.

    Starbase Studios has been built for the express purpose to allow fans to create fan made productions who would otherwise never be able to afford to expense. The difference in our studio from other TOS studios is it is not built specifically for one production but for anyone to use at no charge.

    Built by fans for fans we are completely volunteer and ran solely on donation. At the present we have a full 360 degree Constitution Class bridge set and work soon begins on a transporter room. The final goal is to reproduce all of the original Stage 9 sets.

    There are currently 5 fan productions set to film at the studio. Learn more about them at our website, http://www.starbasestudios.net or on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/StarbaseStudios.

    Thank you for supporting the Yorktown project

  2. I would hope that the $2000 could be raised in such a short time, with all the fans that now know about this. Christmas 2014 should be really good, providing this gets completed.

  3. This looks amazing! Sulu was always my favorite Star Trek character. Can’t wait to see this film πŸ™‚

  4. I have been keeping an eye on this project for a few years now. This is the closest Trek comes to having a “lost episode”. I will be supporting this, and I hope more fans out there do too.

  5. Looks like they just surpassed their goal in just 6 days! Good show!! Right now they are at $2200. I’ll be donating $25 tonight to the project. I’m sure every dime helps. Anything that gets classic Trek back on the small screen is good to me, and this short film looks very interesting.

  6. This looks very cool. Love classic fan films like this. The trailer looks very good, and the design of the Yorktown is impressive. This looks to be shaping up quite nicely. Never say never!

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