9 comments on “Star Trek Starships Collection Review – Part 2 – USS Enterprise – 1701 Refit

  1. It might b £9.99 full price but they are expecting you to pay for all 70 issues. That’s costing you £687.30 all in with the first two issues being discounted so for that amount of cash being spent on small sized models you would expect it to be the same one standard detail as the rest of them. That’s my thoughts anyway.

  2. It’s not just the Aztec panelling, for me the entire colour is too grey – it should be a lot more eggshell.

  3. Its a poor show when the pictures in the magazine show the Aztec paint job and for example the main shuttle bay doors on detail and neither are detailed on the model, highly detailed I think was the tag line, false advertising anyone?

  4. Honestly I am enjoying the collection, I subscribed so I have the awesome wall plaque and the other bonuses etc, I do agree with your points on this model, they are not all “perfect” but thus far it seems the majority are good as it is the only one I really feel I could complain about. Today I just got Voyager and a Klingon D7 (K’T’Inga class) and both are excellent as were the bird of prey and NX class before them, the NX was a little too silver but that’s nit-picking.
    Realistically I am getting what I wanted, a decent collection of trek ships that are good enough for it to be obvious which they are to even a casual onlooker, they are going on display shelves and I will not be groping their details daily so they are “good enough”.

  5. I think I’m being ripped off by this company, and would like to hear if others have had the same experience.
    Since the beginning of November, they charged me nearly £75. Yes – £75 in three weeks!!! That is NOT what I signed up for! They take a payment from me every few DAYS!

    In return, I have received ONE starship so far. Yes – ONE starship for £75!

    I have emailed them several times, and they keep fobbing me off with excuses. One issue is not in stock (THEN WHY DID THEY CHARGE ME FOR IT?), it would take up to 21 days for delivery (what? Not even Royal Mail is that slow!!!). From the dates they gave me, they also took my money days before the star ship was even in the warehouse. So they know that it might take up to 21 days, and yet they take my money several days before that process is even started? Sounds like a rip-off to me …

    They DID however offer to refund me – but only if I send the star ships back! THE STAR SHIPS I HAVEN’T EVEN RECEIVED! They asked me to send back a star ship THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE IN STOCK!

    I am about to cancel my subscription and also to dispute the payments via PayPal (because Eaglemoss REFUSE to help in any way).

    Have others had the same experience?

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