2 comments on “Studio Killed Enterprise?

  1. In my humble opinion, what killed Enterprise was three things. First of all making it a prequel. Trek does pretty well with continuity. Don’t get me wrong, it could be better but overall it does a fine job. Creating a sequel brings all kinds of complications in.

    An Enterprise we have never heard of! WHAT? when did that sneak in? No longer were Kirk and co “boldly going where no man has gone before”, they were merely following in Archer’s footsteps. Why the writers felt the need to have Archer and crew experience the same things Kirk did is beyond me. No longer were they the first humans to experience a Vulcan wedding. To know about mind-melding. To discover what pon-farr was. Annoying to say the least that they tried to rewrite history. They should have just done a remake of TOS if that’s what they wanted to do (and they’d probably have done a better job than JJ to be fair).

    Secondly, the thing that bugs me most is how embarrassed they were at the time to call it Star Trek and tried to court a different demographic. As a Trekkie, that really pissed me of and made me not watch the show when it aired, if they couldn’t embrace me, I couldn’t support them. Of course they learnt their mistake by season 3 once they realised even hardcore trekkies were not watching it.

    And finally that theme tune. What were they thinking? Music from Patch Adams? Really? In what reality is that Star Trek? They really should have used the main theme from Generations.

    So, this is what I think (along with the interference mentioned in the article) killed Enterprise.

    The ironic thing is, after finally watching it last year, I did enjoy it. Sure it had the problems mentioned above, but it did have some cool concepts and its a shame it couldn’t have finished its runl I’m sure we’d have forgotten about the bad and remembered more about the good.

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