3 comments on “Keeping Up With The Cardassians – Part 3 – Gul Lemec

  1. In these first few episodes, where we first get to meet the Cardassians, they come across as very hostile but never seemed to have the will to back up their hostility. Much like the Ferengi, who were first seen as snivelling little wretches, who couldn’t be trusted, but went on to be much more than that.

    • It wasn’t until the boundaries of Star Trek were broken in DS9 that the Cardassians, and any alien species for that matter, could be developed beyond an enemy of the week”. The serialisation of this Trek show really gave more depth to alien, friend or foe, and main character than any other sci-fi show ever did.

  2. I believe you are correct. And, in some ways, Deep Space Nine led the way with story arcs for other shows to copy and follow.

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