4 comments on “STID: History of Starflight Models – QMx

  1. There are a nice collection of models here, with the Phoenix standing out as truly beautiful model. I am annoyed that there was no Constitution-class model, yet there was one of the classified, possibly illegal, USS Vengeance in the display. Still, great models and photos.

  2. But surely the USS Enterprise, from the new films, is still a Constitution-class vessel and must have been developed to replace the Kelvin-class vessels, or some other class of ship, so it should deserve a mention. Plus, as it was the new flagship of Starfleet and did save the Earth, thereby the whole Federation, from destruction from the 24th Century Romulan vessel, Narada, how has it not made an impact?!

    Just my opinion.

    • Granted it saved Earth from the Nerada, but she was also captained by a rookie. It doesn’t have the same impact as the prime enterprise, which was captained by two other people before Kirk and took a long time to become recognised.

      On the new enterprise class, I’m not sure it’s canonically regarded as a constitution class. I may be wrong.

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