5 comments on “Star Trek Starships Collection Review – Part 1 – USS Enterprise – 1701 – D

  1. I do hope that each model is to the same high standard, throughout the series. And, given the amount of time to get the magazine ready, you would think that the proofreading would have picked up any anomalies. I subscribed at DSTL and am still awaiting the delivery of issue #1. Also, you would think that those of us that subscribed, thereby guaranteeing Eagle Moss their money, would receive our model on the day of release, if not before.


    Maybe it was because you mentioned “typo’s”, that this one jumped out at me;

    I have issue with the look of some of the forthcoming models, particulary the refit Enterprise, Reliant and Excelsior. Thier paint schemes are all very basic at first glance except that of the Reliant, which looks far more superior.


    • Thanks for pointing out my own spelling issues, I don’t have a proof reader but I don’t think I do too bad considering I am not a professional writer 🙂

      I really hope all the models are to the same standard of the Enterprise-D, particularly as the refit Enterprise is by far my favourite ship.

      • The Enterprise refit has to be the greatest ship in the Star Trek universe, closely followed by the Defiant and I hope the models do them some justice. I only spotted the mistakes because the word typo was in my head. I am always making spelling mistakes and constantly have to go back and make edits.

      • I would probably correct the wrong words and make it completely unintelligible.

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