9 comments on “Shatner Wants New Trek Series

  1. A new TV series would be great, but I feel it would need to be so completely different from what has gone before, to keep it fresh, it would be a risk for any network to take on. I would like to see it set after the the end of DS9 and Voyager and set across different platforms. Some stories on a planet or on a ship but not centred on just the one. Long story arcs would be good too, as in the DS9. Obviously, it would have to be set in the Prime Universe as JJ Abrams has made Starships obsolete with the capability of inter-planetary beaming.

    • I think a full serial would be totally awesome. I major crisis hits the Federation and we see its response from all angles, from the planning at Starfleet command to a fleet of ships all with very different roles to play. Plus side stories of other ships/stations/planets that carry on with every day life.


      • That is the kind of idea I was thinking about, but a threat to the Federation has been done a number of times. Maybe they could do different stories, as you say, but from the POV of different species, which the stories affect.

      • The point of view of other species would have to be key to a long running serial as opposed to an episodic series. But we need new Aliens. The Romulans are all but extinct, the Cardassians are in ruins, the Feds are in a bad place too.

      • True. The Klingons would be taking as much of Romulan space as they could. The Breen will be licking their wounds and rebuilding their fleet. Etc.. The Federation could find itself no longer the dominant power. Plus, space is big and there are many parts that have yet to be explored, so new species are everywhere.

    • I think that’s what they’re trying to do with Star Trek Renegades (http://startrekrenegades.com/). A large group of actors from many of the various Star Trek series are doing an Indiegogo campaign to fund a proposed series pilot, which they will present to CBS. The actors include Walter Konig, Tim Russ, Robert Picardo, Garrett Wang, Gary Graham, and Richard Herd, among others. Not sure how successful it will be, but it looks interesting.

      • I think we need a new breed of actor/characters for a new trek. Having the odd cameo is always welcome but to bunch a load of ex characters into the same series is not one of the ideas I would like.

        Trek needs to start over. Needs to be fresh. Love or hate Abrams, it has brought a breath of fresh air to the franchise and a new following. We need to keep that momentum without sacrificing all that has gone before.

        New ships. New characters. New actors. Prime universe. Being it on CBS.

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