3 comments on “Keeping Up With The Cardassians – Part 2 – Gul Dolak

  1. When DS9 began I thought that Dolak would appear again, as the series progressed, but unfortunately he didn’t. I think he would have fitted in quite well.

    • Dolak appeared again in DS9 on a PADD display that Odo had in his office, he was a wanted man. I also though Gul Lemek (TNG: Chain of Command) would also make another appearance but again, another good character that never made it. (Gul Lemek will appear in Keeping Up With The Cardassians soon).

      • I was unaware of Dolak’s appearance in DS9 (albeit on a PADD), so I shall have to look out for that. I also look forward to hearing about Lemec, Madred and the other lesser known Cardassians.

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