4 comments on “USS Vengeance Model

  1. They look like really cool models. However, I am still uncertain if I like the USS Vengeance, as it reminds me of an Excelsior / Sovereign class hybrid. The D4 bird-of-prey looks pretty cool but reminds me of a coloured variant of a Jem’hadar attack ship. They would look nice in my collection, though.

    • I’m not sure I like the bird of prey. The Vengeance’ shape is roughly excelsior/sovereign but I don’t like the clunky look. I like the smooth hull look, clean and tidy. I know it’s the villain ship but it doesn’t really fit in with Starfleet.

    • My first thought when I saw the Vengeance was how similar it was to the Enterprise C (the Andrew Probert version) both in shape and dimensions opposite the Enterprise. The D4 does look a lot like a Jem’hadar attack ship or a Romulan “Winged Defender” though.

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