4 comments on “The Conundrem That Is Dr Gillian Taylor

  1. She’s hot hot hot! And available to advise plus she sees value in joining Star Trek, isn’t that enough?

  2. Okay, stick with me on this one, because it’s a big overblown fill-in-the-blank…
    After the whales have responded to The Probe and the Enterprise crew have been rescued, we can assume that some period of time has passed before the crew’s trial (two weeks, a month?). Anyway, long enough for everyone to clean up and catch a collective breath. Gillian has met with top Federation biologists. They have the whales under close supervision with all the technology the 23rd Century offers. Though she is adamant about staying with the whales, the future biologists convince her that everything is well in hand. Other similar species exist elsewhere in the galaxy, and the biologists are comparing them. Further, Federation computer banks have no paucity of data on humpback whales from studies conducted in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Though Gillian insists on nurse-maiding the whales, the Fed biologists convince her that everything is under control. To understand better the new studies of comparative planetary ecologies, Dr. Taylor is best suited taking a five year voyage to strange new worlds, much like Charles Darwin aboard to HMS Beagle. When she returns to Earth she will have updated her 20th Century biology with the “new naturalism” of the 23rd Century, seeing Darwin’s natural law in action on every living world. And, if the Fed biologists now studying George, Gracie, and Junior have any questions, they can always call Gillian on subspace. So Gillian accepts the voyage of adventure, much like a young naturalist from England some 450 years earlier.
    Not bad for a patch job, is it?

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