9 comments on “Star Trek Into Darkness UK Freebies

  1. You’ll need a four leaf clover (or perhaps, be a member of staff) to get one from WH Smith. My boyfriend tried two of the Glasgow City Centre stores (one at opening time), four guys were in front of him in the queue. Somehow, even though they waited for the store to open, there was NO t-shirts available. The counter assistant said there were four…….

    The other branch in Sauchiehall Street had five, all gone. Hotukdeals has lots of members complaining there were either none or a handful at each of their WH Smiths. So, if you get one, consider yourself very lucky.

    • I got one, although the size is too small to wear. Other people I know have had issues, lets hope it’s a Sunday issue and more people can get one over the next few days!

  2. As it’s a Bank Holiday this weekend (and the Daily Express office won’t take my boyf’s calls till Tuesday), I have my doubts. But well done, Darren, getting one of those elusive t-shirts!
    From another thread, I can see the average amount of t-shirts delivered was around five per store; some unlucky locations have a big fat zero in-store. (Obviously airport vendors and garages don’t get any anyway, as it says in the small print).
    Astonishing to think that WH Smith/Sunday Express assume there are only NINE Trekkies* interested in the whole of Glasgow city centre, the biggest city in Scotland.

    *My boyfriend informs me the correct term is Trekkers, what do I know!! :-S

  3. l live in derry city…ireland….the sell both newspapers here….but its no good to me here….no whsmiths to get the Tshirt from….an no mcColls or martains here either :(….

  4. I rang Scunthorpe branch at 9 this morning as they dont open on sun/ bnk holidays, 1 left in M but cant hold , i was there 15 mins later gone, but near by Gainsborough had 4 , they too dont open as Scunthorpe, went straight away got a L one , so at 1015 am they had 3 left , kids going back to school may have helped .

      • Thank you Darren but i feel many folks have hoped there would be good stocks in most stores but it seems not with some brances closed over the weekend making obtaining one hard some smaller stores might have some if you are lucky.

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