5 comments on “REVEALED – USS Vengeance

  1. It looks like there’s a huge gap in the centre of the saucer section and the angled lines remind me of the Reman Scimitar. She’s a Predator.

    • My Lovely Bride and I saw “Star Trek Into Darkness” today, 23 May 2013. As soon as I saw “Scotty” look up in shock I knew what was coming. U.S.S. Vengeance is nothing but a basterdized U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Seen in profile several times it is clearly, at the very least, a “Galaxy’ class starship. Hopefully, somebody with some imagination and talent will write the story, screen play and script for the next “Star Trek” movie. Assuming of course anyone is willing to give the franchise another shot. I, a from the very first broadcast episode (Except for the ST:NG which was boring, boring, boring until the last two seasons at best) fan of “Star Trek”, have been severly underwelmed so far with the reboot movies.

  2. I was looking forward to the movie until I saw this in the latest trailer. I hope this isn’t going to turn out to be another “Enterprise vs bigger-badder-dark-ship”, we had that in the last two films.

  3. Having just seen the movie I had a couple of problems. How does a phaser shot, at warp, leave a warp bubble , enter subspace proper where it will, in all likely hood reenter normal space, and miss its intended target, hit a traget in its own warp bubble? Same for a torpedo. Or am I over thinking it again? The Vengenance is a larger ship than Enterprise and “dark”, big deal. I like the franchise and will go see more. What else do I have to do. But why the adherance to the plan form when its not a normal ship. It was designed only for combat. WHy have the huge disc when its not suppose to have a bunch of people in it? Wasted space. Huge hanger deck, nothing in it. The form and function do not mesh. And putting the weapons on those arms, whats that about. Is ti gonna transform?

    • There are many issues with the design of the ship, and it’s function. Not least of all it’s speed.

      You have pointed out some noteworthy issues, thanks. Welcome to the blog.

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