12 comments on “Drex Files – Offline

  1. I once had a pretty cool blog that was shut down by a complaint from someone’s lawyer. It’s a sad feeling when you’re sitting there like a chastised kid, when you never meant to harm anyone (and did no harm to anyone). Hope Drex returns.

  2. It’s a shame this happened, Doug was really great in sharing his behind-the-scenes stories and educating us of the stories that never got told on screen.

    Doug has my support and if people felt he was hogging credit, then perhaps they could add watermarks and share websites of where the original works can be located.

  3. Doug, is a myth. Unnecessary rules if applied against disclosure and culture of the world of artistic production. Without the strength and courage to Doug and his blog, the creative art world becomes poorer. For lovers of the technological aspect of science fiction and Star Trek is a lack unbridgeable. From Sweden to Italy, and all areas of Europe that I can represent: “Doug, we are all with you and look forward to your return”

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