10 comments on “My Star Trek Art #1 – Operation Retrieve

  1. Awesome story. You need to print this and affix it, with the photo of the two of you, to the back of the signed print. Talk about a “statement of authenticity!” Have you thought about sending it to Mike Okuda?

  2. That is an amazing piece of work with some serious detail. I had to watch Undiscovered Country, just to see the original. Well done.

  3. Thanks guys, keep your eyes open for the computer display versions of these chart pages that would have been displayed on the bridge of the Enterprise/Excelsior if the plan were to be actioned. They will be posted very shortly

  4. Hi Darren, As the current owner of the original piece, I have to say you did an excellent job having only the what could be seen on screen as your references. Currently, I am working on recreating the piece in it’s full glory as it had been originally tossed in the garbage heap after production wrapped.

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