3 comments on “Socks with Sandals?

  1. Dare to disagree. For me there has to be a meeting of form and function and if I err it tends to be on the side of function. As a mostly barefoot gal I find socks with sandals highly functional in some situations. If it’s just a bit too chill for bare tootsies but has a chance of warming up later in the day, I’m all for it. I do as Bill does – white socks.

  2. To be fair to Bill and anyone else who practices this fashion, it can be a blessing in disguise. Only the other day some dude was sat opposite me, legs crossed, with his foot dangling in front of me like a fishing line trying to entice a fish.

    Now, if this guy was wearing socks, it would have spared me the vision of his thick, yellow, manky toenails staring at me, making me heave.

    So for this reason, I may have to change my mind slightly, but then again, wear closed shoes and spare us all the sight of this most disgusting feature.

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