3 comments on “Private Manned Mission To Mars

  1. I do not understand why someone has to announce his own (private) manned mission to Mars every week. There are now more than a dozen (I have lost count) groups who are claiming to work on sending people to Mars. Until now none of those groups has stated how to get the required money, however Tito might donate a large part of his own wealth to his hobby.

  2. I think that if anyone is actually going to do it then it will be Dennis Tito. He’s been up there, he has lots of money, he has the contacts to raise the money…who knows, if he starts to make a lot of headway with this project, NASA may get on board and help!

    • I would not count on Nasa. Further I am quite sceptical whether making a loop around Mars is eciting enough for people to fund this mission, although I agree (partially) with you that Dennis Tito is probably the most likely person to actually do this. Actually I believe this is more a call for attention by Mr Tito, than anything serious.

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